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  • Episode Two: Fight Back with Food Episode Two: Fight Back with Food

    Episode Two: Fight Back with Food   This episode features food to help you stay healthy during the cold and flu season....

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  • Episode One: Getting To Know Our Roots Episode One: Getting To Know Our Roots

    Episode One: Getting To Know Our Roots   This episode features root vegetables, providing easy ways to identify them and incorporate them into your diet.  We show you how you can play games with them, roast them, shred them, and puree them.  But you may be thinking, “Why?” Why incorporate root vegetables into your diet? They look kind of funny, and they have flavors that may be different from those you have experienced before… So what is your motivation for eating them? Besides the fact that they really do taste delicious (something you obviously can’t personally experience while watching the show), they are chock full of vitamins and nutrients you may not be able to find in natural forms elsewhere.  They are easy to prepare, and they add variety to your vegetable repertoire.  (All these are good reasons… plus, it is fun to say “roasted rutabagas.”) What kind of nutrients,...

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  • Diets Galore. Diets Galore.

    Even as I’m writing this I’m sucking down a venti White Chocolate Mocha like it’s the elixir of life. It’s my third today. This, obviously, is not a healthy way to live. I have, I promise, been eating clean for the most part like I promised myself that I would. I feel good, I feel healthy. Still, as I approach the six month mark of my new lifestyle I thought that it was time for a little refresher on the basics of a healthy diet. I’m no expert, of course, but I wanted to share with you four health-conscious ways of eating that might make a difference in your life. What’s even better? Tree of Life will make all of these options available on our menu so that you never have to miss out! I’ll start by explaining very briefly what a paleo diet consists of. You may have heard...

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