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  • Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

      Thanksgiving Time Is Here! Celebrate with a QUALITY  Turkey! Thanksgiving Turkeys! The Market at Tree Of Life Center will be taking pre-orders for turkeys from Giving Thanks Farm beginning Wednesday, October 15th. These are Heritage Breed (specifically White Holland), and are soy-free, non-GMO, and pasture raised in chemical free pastures. They are processed organically in a no-salt solution. These turkeys tend to be more naturally flavorful as they are more closely related to wild turkeys. They also tend to be more muscular and less fatty. Sizes usually range from approximately 10-16 lbs. Giving Thanks Farm will provide each customer with instructions on how to best cook these special birds. Our supply will be extremely limited so we recommend that you call and place a pre-order with a $40 deposit to reserve yours. Pick up will be on Saturday, November 22nd, at 3:00 p.m....

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  • Diets Galore. Diets Galore.

    Even as I’m writing this I’m sucking down a venti White Chocolate Mocha like it’s the elixir of life. It’s my third today. This, obviously, is not a healthy way to live. I have, I promise, been eating clean for the most part like I promised myself that I would. I feel good, I feel healthy. Still, as I approach the six month mark of my new lifestyle I thought that it was time for a little refresher on the basics of a healthy diet. I’m no expert, of course, but I wanted to share with you four health-conscious ways of eating that might make a difference in your life. What’s even better? Tree of Life will make all of these options available on our menu so that you never have to miss out! I’ll start by explaining very briefly what a paleo diet consists of. You may have heard...

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  • The Amish, The English, and The Connection The Amish, The English, and The Connection

    When Yvonne started the journey toward making Tree of Life a reality she hoped that the center would not only fill a gap in Clarksville that needed attention, but also that the center would open up new opportunities to grow and connect with the world around us. I know that sometimes it can seem like health and healing centers have all the answers, but at Tree of Life we’re every bit as interested in learning from other lifestyles and philosophies as we are in sharing our own knowledge with others. It seemed a bit like kismet, then, when a Tree of Life friend agreed to introduce Yvonne to a business associate, David, a man that happened to be one of the leaders of a local Amish community. As it turned out, David and his community grow some of the most fantastic fresh produce I’ve ever tasted and, unfortunately for my...

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